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The categories section allows you to add, edit and remove categories, edit category price markup.

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To Add a Category

  1. Browse to Catalog » Categories
  2. Click on Add a New Category
  3. Fill out the form, adding the Category Name and parent category
  4. Upload an image if required

To Edit a Category

  1. Browser to Catalog » Categories
  2. Find the category you wish to edit
  3. Click on [Edit]
  4. Make changes to the form and submit.

Category Meta Tags and Title

  1. Follow the instructions above
  2. Click on the Meta Tags and Title tab
  3. Update the relevant fields as shown in the diagram below.

Category Page HTML

If your chosen template supports it, you can add Category Page HTML to your page. This means you can add a snippet of customised text or images to your category pages on your website, both above and below the main products shown on your category / department page.

Attribute Groups and Tags

Before you can assign an Attribute Group to a product, you need to assign it to a category. This will then activate the Attribute group for use by every product found within the category. The same applies to a Tag Group, which is a group of Tags that can be assigned to a category for purposes of search filtering (if your template supports it).

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