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Products sets work in conjunction with Product Tags. They allow you to create variations of a product that may come in 3 different colours for example.

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To create a Product Set

  1. First create a set of Product Tag Groups, these will form the basis of your product set filters. If you're adding colours, call the Tag Group; Colour. You can then assign Tags to the Tag Group Colour.
  2. Next assign the Tags from the Color Tag Group to your product.
  3. Once you have setup your tag groups and assigned all the Tags to your Products and Tag Groups, you can then make a product set.
  4. To make a product set, choose a product to use as the master product for the set, this will house the product description that your users will see. It can be a dummy product if you wish, as stock and pricing will be based on actual products you add to this product set. The master product can also be part of the set if it has the correct tags assigned to it.
  5. To make a product a Master of a set, goto Catalog » Products
  6. Find the product you wish to make a set
  7. Click on the Tools Icon, and select “Make Product a Set”
  8. Your chosen product will now be the master of a product set

To add A Product to a Set

  1. Browse to Catalog » Products
  2. Find the product you wish to make a set
  3. Click on the Tools Icon and select “Add Product to a Set”
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