Tickets shows a list of open tickets for the logged in customer.

tickets (array)

The tickets reference is the main reference you will use in this template, and it allows you to display tickets for the logged in user. The tickets reference is a recursive array containing the following references within each sub array of tickets.

TermData TypeTypical OutputDescription
id int 4 The ticket id
status varchar Pending The current ticket status
link varchar mymessages.php?id=5 The link to the ticket details
msg_count int 5 The number of messages in the ticket
priority varchar HIGH The link to the ticket details
subject varchar Unwanted item The subject line
assignee varchar Tue 11th June 2011, 13:45 The store assignee dealing with the ticket
date.created varchar Tue 11th June 2011, 13:45 The date the ticket was created
date.edited varchar Tue 11th June 2011, 13:45 The date the ticket was last updated


{% if tickets %}
<div class="box_products">
    <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" id="productList">
                <th width="50" height="20" class="main"><b>Ticket ID</b></th>
                <th width="50" height="20" class="main"><b>Status</b></th>
                <th width="200" height="20" class="main"><b>Subject</b></th>
                <th width="75" height="20" class="main"><b>Staff Member</b></th>
                <th width="75" height="20" class="main"><b>Date Created</b></th>
                <th width="75" height="20" class="main"><b>Date Updated</b></th>
                <th width="50" height="20" class="main"><b>Msg</b></th>
                <th width="50" height="20" class="main"><b>Priority</b></th>
            {% for ticket in tickets %}
                <td width="50" height="20" class="main"><span class="productName"><a href="{{ }}">{{ }}</a></span></td>
                <td width="50" height="20" class="main">{{ ticket.status }}</td>
                <td width="200" height="20" class="main"><span class="productName"><a href="{{ }}">{{ ticket.subject }}</a></span></td>
                <td width="75" height="20" class="main">{{ ticket.assignee }}</td>
                <td width="75" height="20" class="main">{{ }}</td>
                <td width="75" height="20" class="main">{{ }}</td>
                <td width="50" height="20" class="main">{{ ticket.msg_count }}</td>
                <td width="50" height="20" class="main">{{ ticket.priority }}</td>
            {% endfor %}
{% else %}
<p> You currently have (0) Tickets to display.</p>
{% endif %}
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