Setting up a Shipping Module


Instantcart supports a number of Shipping setups, including International and local shipping. Some module support Live Tracking if the courier is supported by Instantcart.

Step 1. Enter basic Shipping Information

  1. Browse to Shipping » Modules in your control panel
  2. Click on the add a new Shipping Module tab
  3. Enter the Module Name, Max order value and Min Order Value. If theres no maximum order value, enter 999999. Enter 0 if theres no minium order value.
  4. Select the priority, i.e. next day services would need High Priority selecting.
  5. Tick “Main Site module enabled”
  6. Tick “Enabled fo Normal Products”
  7. If this is to be a free delivery module, with no costs, tick “Enabled for Free delivery products only”
  8. Thats it, click on the “Add Shipping Module” button.

Step 2. Add supported Pricing and Countries

  1. First, scroll down to Module Pricing Set for Countries.
  2. Type the country name or ISO code into the box to find a country you want this module to support
  3. click on the country name to add it to the Pricing Set. Repeat this step for all the countries you wish to use for this pricing set.
  4. next, add a cost, a retail shipping charge and the weight (in grams) that is supported by that shipping charge.
  5. Repeat this step for all prices and weights that are supported. Remember if you sell heavy products and your shipping module isnt setup to support the total basket weight, this module will not be avilable for that order.

Step 3. Add a Shipping Surcharge (If Applicable)

  1. First, scroll down to Add a Surcharge for Postcode
  2. Enter the first part of the ZIP or Postcode, IE BD18
  3. Enter the surchage in your currency
  4. Click Update Surcharge

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