This template shows a list of orders to the logged in user.

The orders reference allow you to display orders within the account/myOrdersOrder.template.html . The orders reference is a recursive array containing the following references within each sub array of news.


TermData TypeTypical OutputDescription int 5 The order id int 6 The Invoice ID if set, otherwise false
order.invoice.icon html icon_pdf.jpg The image for the PDF invoice Icon
order.cancel_order_button html <button name=”… The image for the PDF invoice Icon
order.link_button html <button name=”… The submit button varchar myorders.php?action=order_detail&order_id=5 The image for the PDF invoice Icon
order.add_product_button html <button name=”… Add a new product to the order button
order.is_editable boolean true / false Is the order editable at this stage?
order.customer_can_edit boolean true / false Lets the customer edit the order
order.not_allocated int 2 Number of items not allocated from stock varchar Tue 23rd Aug 12, 13:33 The date formatted int Order Processing The current status of the order varchar Order Processing The current status of the order
order.status.body varchar Your order has entered order processing and will be… The current status in detail
order.priority varchar High The current priority for the order
order.payment.status varchar Pending The current payment status
order.payment.module varchar Paypal The name of the payment module used int 6 The shipping module id used
order.shipping.form_select_module html <select … A shipping module drop down select box varchar Module name The shipping module name used
order.shipping.price_ex_tax varchar $5.99 The shipping total ex tax in the currency used
order.address.billing html Address Line 1<br />… Formatted billing address
order.address.shipping html Address Line 1<br />… Formatted shipping address varchar Full name The full name of the customer varchar 044 5233 5325 The phone number of the customer varchar The email address of the customer varchar $16.99 The subtotal total ex tax in the currency used varchar $2.00 The tax total in the currency used varchar $18.99 The total including tax in the currency used
order.products array   (See order.products)
order.parcels array   (See order.parcels) array   (See
order.status_history array   (See order.status_history)


<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" id="productList">
            <th><b>Date Purchased</b></th>
            <!--       <th><b>Payment Status</b></th> -->
        {% for order in orders %}
            <td width="50" height="20" class="row"><a href="myorders.php?action=order_detail&order_id={{ }}">#{{ }}</a>
            <td width="40" height="20" class="row">
                {% if %}  
                <a href="myorders.php?action=invoice_download&order_id={{ }}"><img src="{{ order.invoice.icon }}" border="0" /></a>
                {% endif %}
            <td width="150" height="20" class="row">{{ }}</td>
            <td width="50" height="20" class="row"><span title="{{ order.status.body }}" class="tooltip">{{ }}</span></td>
            <!--  <td width="50" height="20" class="row">{{ order.payment.status }}</td> -->
            <td width="50" height="20" class="row">{{ order.priority }}</td>
            <td width="50" height="20" class="row">{{ order.link_button|raw }}</td>
        {% endfor %}
            <td colspan="9"><div align="right">{{ page_nav|raw }}</div></td>
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