This template shows the users return in detail.


TermData TypeTypical OutputDescription int 4 The return id int 4 The associated credit id if true int 5 The current status id varchar Pending The current return status in plain text
return.status.body varchar Pendings status in detail The current return status in detail
return.reason varchar Unwanted item The reason for the return in plain text varchar Tue 11th June 2012, 13:45 The formatted date in plain text varchar Tue 11th June 2012, 13:45 The formatted date in plain text varchar Tue 11th June 2012, 13:45 The formatted date in plain text varchar Product Name The product name
return.product.warranty.expires varchar Tue 11th June 2014, 13:45 The formatted expiry date in plain text
return.product.warranty.left_days varchar 365 The number of days left int 8 The order id relating to the return
return.cancel_return_button html <button name=”.. A button to cancel the return

return.messages (array)

The return.messages reference is an recursive array that requires a loop to extract the contents.

TermData TypeTypical OutputDescription int John Smith The name of the user or customer who sent the message
date varchar Tue 11th June 2011, 13:45 The formatted date in plain text
body varchar Hello world The body of the message


<div class="greyContainer">
    <label>Product</label><p><a href="{{ }}">{{ }} </a><br />Your Warranty Expires on {{ return.product.warranty.expires }}, and has: {{ return.product.warranty.left_days }} Days left until expiry.</p>
    <label>Reason for Return</label><p>{{ return.reason|raw }}</p>
    <!-- <label>Preferred Method?</label>{{ return.method|raw }}<br /><br /><br /> -->
    <label>Current Status</label><p>{{ }}</p>
    <label>Important</label><p><strong>{{ return.status.body }}</strong></p>
    {% if return.received %}<label>Date Received</label>{{  }} {% if == '' %}{{ return.cancel_return_button }} {% endif %}<br /><br /><br />{% endif %}
    <label>Updated on</label><p>{{ }}</p>
    {% if %}<label>Related Credit Note</label><a href="{{ }}" title="Credit {{ }}">Credit Note #{{ }}</a>{% endif %}
<h4>Send us a message about this return<h4>
        <form action="myreturns.php?action=reply" method="post">
            <input id="return" name="return" value="{{ }}" type="hidden" />
            <p><textarea id="message" name="message" style="width:400px; height: 200px" rows="15">Type your message here..</textarea></p>
            <input id="submit" name="submit" value="Send Reply" type="submit" />
        {% if return.messages %}
        <h4>You have the following messages relating to this order</h4>
        {% for message in return.messages %}
        <p class="greyContainer"><strong>{{ }} wrote on {{ }}</strong><br /><br />
            {{ message.body }}</p><br />
        {% endfor %}
        {% endif %}
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