This template allows a customer to return a product that may be faulty or unwanted.


The new_return reference allows you to access references directly from within this array.

TermData TypeTypical OutputDescription
new_return.product.warranty.left_days int 365 Warranty left in days
new_return.form_field.order_id int <input type=“hidden”… Order Id hidden form field
new_return.form_field.products_id int <input type=“hidden”… Product id hidden form field
new_return.form_field.action html <input type=“hidden”… Action hidden form field varchar product/product_name_2.html The submit button
new_return.product.warranty.expires varchar Tue 11th June 2013, 13:45 Formatted warranty expiry date
new_return.form_select.reason varchar <input type=“text”… Reason drop down list
new_return.form_field.message varchar <input type=“text”… Message text box
new_return.form_select.method varchar <input type=“text”… Method drop down list


<div class="box_products">
    {% if new_return.product.warranty.left_days > 0 %}
    <form name="new_return" method="post" action="{{ new_return.form_field.action }}">
        {{ form_field_seed|raw }}
        {{ new_return.form_field.order_id|raw }}
        {{ new_return.form_field.products_id|raw }}
        <label>Product</label><p><a href="{{ }}">{{ }} </a><br />Your Warranty Expires on {{ new_return.product.warranty.expires }}, and has: {{ new_return.product.warranty.left_days }} Days left until expiry.</p>
        <label>Why are you returning this item?</label>{{ new_return.form_select.reason|raw }} <br /><br /><br />
        <label>Preferred Method?</label>{{ new_return.form_select.method|raw }} <br /><br /><br />
        <label>Tell us more?</label>{{ new_return.form_field.message|raw }}<br /><br />
        <input type="submit" value="Submit Return" />
    {% else %}
    <label>Product</label><a href="{{ }}">{{ }} </a><br>Your Warranty Expired on {{ new_return.product.warranty.expires }}.  If you think this is incorrect, please contact us for assistance.<br />
    <label>OUT OF WARRANTY</label>Sorry, this product is now outside of its warranty period
    {% endif %}
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