This template allows the user to choose their shipping address during the checkout process

General Shipping references

TermData TypeTypical OutputDescription
basket.is_domain boolean True / false Determines if there are extra steps to make, Sagepay only
form_select_countries html <select.. HTML Form drop down for country
form_select_reg_type html <select.. HTML Form drop down for registration type for domain names

address_list (array)

address_list contents can only be accessed via a loop. Each subarray contains the following references.

TermData TypeTypical OutputDescription
title varchar Shipping to… The address heading
default_message varchar This is both your billing and shipping address.. If the shipping module is set, this message will be displayed
is_supported boolean true / false Determines if the adress is supported by the shipping module
address.address_firstname varchar Firstname Address firstname
address.address_lastname varchar Lastname Address lastname
address.address_company varchar My Company Inc Company name
address.address_line_1 varchar 1234 Westwood Blvd Address line 1
address.address_line_2 varchar Optional Address line 2
address.address_city varchar San Francisco Address city
address.address_postcode varchar CA 90000 The plain text postcode / zipcode
address.address_county varchar Calfornia County or state
address.address_country varchar USA The country
address.countries_id int 4 The country id for this country
address.address_book_id int 65 The address book id for this address
address.button_name varchar Ship to this CA 9000 Text for ship to button
reg_type varchar Individual The registration type, used for Domain names only varchar Courier Name / Service The shipping name
shipping.weight_kg varchar 6.4 The shipping weight
shipping.surcharge varchar $3.00 Shipping surcharge formmated to currency used
order.sub_total varchar $52.00 Order sub total formmated to currency used varchar $5.00 Shipping total formmated to currency used varchar $3.00 Order tax total formmated to currency used varchar $55.00 Order total formmated to currency used


{% for address in address_list %}
<tr><th colspan="2">{{ address.title|raw }} : {{ address.address.address_postcode }} {{ address.default_message|raw }}</th></tr>
{% if address.is_supported %}
<tr{% if address.is_default %} class="highlight"{% endif %}>
    <td class="clear" >
        <div class="address">
            <strong>{{ address.address.address_firstname }} {{ address.address.address_lastname }}</strong><br />
            {{ address.address.address_company }}<br />
            {{ address.address.address_line_1 }}<br />
            {{ address.address.address_line_2 }}<br />
            {{ address.address.address_city }}<br />
            <strong>{{ address.address.address_county }}</strong><br />
            {{ address.address.address_postcode }}<br />
            {{ address.address.address_country }}<br /><br />
    <td class="clear" >
        <div class="shipping_cost">'
            {% if basket.is_domain %}
            <strong>Reg Type:</strong>{{ address.reg_type }}<br />
            {% if address.reg_type != "Individual" %}
            <strong>Company No:</strong>{{ address.address.address_company_no }}<br />
            <strong>Company:</strong>{{ address.address.address_company }}<br />
            {% endif %}
            <br />
            {% else %}
            <strong>Shipping to: {{ address.address.address_postcode }}</strong> using <br /><strong>{{ }}</strong><br /><br />
            SubTotal: {{ address.order.sub_total|raw }}<br />
            Weight: {{ address.shipping.weight_kg|raw }}kg<br />
            Shipping: {{|raw }}<br />
            {% if address.shipping.surcharge %}
            Surcharge: {{ address.shipping.surcharge|raw }} <br />
            {% endif %}
            {% endif %}
            VAT @{{ tax_rate }}%: {{|raw }}<br /><br />
            Total: <strong>{{|raw }}</strong>
</tr><tr{% if is_default %} class="highlight"{% endif %}>
    <td align="left">
        <form method="post" action="checkout_shipping.php">
            {{ form_field_seed|raw }}
            <input type="hidden" value="set_shipping_address" id="action" name="action" />
            <input type="hidden" value="{{ address.address.countries_id }}" id="action" name="shipping_country_id" />
            <input type="hidden" value="{{ address.address.address_postcode }}" id="action" name="shipping_postcode" />
            <input type="hidden" value="{{ address.address.address_book_id }}" id="action" name="shipping_address_id" />
            <input type="submit" class="submit" value="{{ address.button_name }}" />
        <form method="post" action="checkout_shipping.php">
            {{ form_field_seed|raw }}
            <input type="hidden" value="set_billing_address" id="action" name="action" />
            <input type="hidden" value="{{ address.address.address_book_id }}" id="action" name="billing_address_id" />
            <input type="submit" class="submit_green" value="Set as Billing Address" /></form>
    <td colspan="2">&nbsp;</td>
{% else %}
<td colspan="2"><p>No Shipping is available to this address. Please add an alternative address, or contact us for guidance.</p></td>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
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