This page displays the success message once an order has been placed


The order reference contains the order link and reference id. These can be accessed directly from the order reference.

TermData TypeTypical OutputDescription int 6 The order id for the recently placed order varchar myorders.php?action=detail… The link to the new order varchar 25.00 Formatted total without currency code / prefix varchar 5.00

Tax amount without currency / prefix varchar 10.00 Delivery amount without currency / prefix
order.summary.products array   Array of products, including id, code, name, final_price & qty


<div class="leftPanel">
    <p>Thankyou, your order has been successfully placed and is currently now queued for processing.  Your order reference number is: {{ }}.  You can track the 
	progress of your order by visiting your account and visiting the {{ }} section.<br /><br />
	Please make sure you check the progress of your order, as sometimes we may need to ask a question about your order or payment method for security purposes.  We post comments both in your account and via email, however please be sure to check your account incase an email fails to reach you.</p>
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