The index template is used to display the homepage.

This template contains the following references:

TermData TypeTypical OutputDescription
features array   (See main_features (array) & features (array))
main_features array   (See main_features (array) & features (array))

main_features (array) & features (array)

The main_features & features references allows you to display featured products. This reference is a recursive array containing the following references within each sub array contained within.

In terms of their function, "main_features" fetches user set featured products and "features" shows randomly selected products.  Its sometimes useful to access the main_features array first and use features as a fallback incase not enough or any main_features are set.

The products reference uses a snippet to display each product.

TermData TypeTypical OutputDescription
id int 4 The product id
link varchar http://www.yourstore/product/product_name_1.html Link to the product
link_button html <button… HTML button with link to the product
short_description varchar Short description of product Short description
buy_button html <button id=”… HTML buy button w/out quantity
buy_button_image html <a href=“buy”><img src=”… HTML image button
price_ex_tax varchar £5.00 The price excluding tax formatted to the local currency
price_inc_tax varchar £5.90 The price including tax formatted to the local currency
price_was varchar £5.90 The original price formatted to the local currency
price_saved varchar £5.90 The amount saved inc tax formatted to the local currency
price_saved_percent varchar £5.90 The percentage saved over the original price
price_rrp varchar £5.90 The original RRP price formatted to the local currency
price_rrp_saved varchar £5.90 The amount saved inc tax formatted to the local currency
price_rrp_saved_percent varchar £5.90 The percentage saved over the original price
is_special boolean True / false Determines if the product is on special offer
savings_text html Youve saved x amount.. HTML savings text
tax_rate varchar 20 Tax rate in percent
name varchar Product Name Title of the product
name_short varchar Product Na.. An abbreviated title of the product
stock varchar 56 The current stock level for this product
code varchar 201224 The product code
man_code varchar DFG-45323 The manufacturers code
upc_code varchar 6346345 The UPC code varchar Value Range The brand / manufacturers name varchar 5 The brand id
is_free_delivery varchar True / false Determines if this product is eligible for free delivery
review_stars html <img src=”.. The html image showing review stars
review_average int 4 The average rating out of 5
review_count int 6 The total number of reviews
login_for_price boolean True / false User has to log in to view price if true
qty_prices html 100+ $5.00, 200+ $4.85.. HTML quantity prices boolean True / false Determines if image exists varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/mini/product_image.jpg Mini Image URL & Path
image_one.small varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/small/product_image.jpg Small Image URL & Path
image_one.thumb varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/thumb/product_image.jpg Thumb Image URL & Path
image_one.main varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/main/product_image.jpg Main Image URL & Path
image_one.large varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/large/product_image.jpg Large Image URL & Path boolean True / false Determines if image exists varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/mini/product_image2.jpg Second Image URL & Path
image_two.small varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/small/product_image2.jpg Second Image URL & Path
image_two.thumb varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/thumb/product_image2.jpg Thumb Image URL & Path
image_two.main varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/main/product_image2.jpg Second Image URL & Path
image_two.large varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/large/product_image2.jpg Second Image URL & Path boolean True / false Determines if image exists varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/mini/product_image3.jpg Third Image URL & Path
image_three.small varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/small/product_image3.jpg Third Image URL & Path
image_three.thumb varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/thumb/product_image3.jpg Third Image URL & Path
image_three.main varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/main/product_image3.jpg Third Image URL & Path
image_three.large varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/large/product_image3.jpg Third Image URL & Path boolean True / false Determines if image exists varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/mini/product_image4.jpg Fourth Image URL & Path
image_four.small varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/small/product_image4.jpg Fourth Image URL & Path
image_four.thumb varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/thumb/product_image4.jpg Fourth Image URL & Path
image_four.main varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/main/product_image4.jpg Fourth Image URL & Path
image_four.large varchar http://www.yourstore/images/product_images/large/product_image4.jpg Fourth Image URL & Path


    <div class="leftPanel">
        <div id="top"><ul>           
                {% for feature in features %}
                {% include "snippets/features.snippet.html" %}
                {% endfor %}         
        <div class="featureContainer">
                {% for product in features %}
                {% include "snippets/products.snippet.html" %}
                {% endfor %} 
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