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How Do Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions Work?

Instantcart uses meta data to tell search engines what your page is about. Instantcart allows you to edit your home page, category and web page meta data, as well as page titles. Product meta data is auto generated to save you time.

First of all, take a look at this sample product page, we will be using it to explain how meta data works in this example:-

Meta tags and meta descriptions are text data imbedded into your webpage for use by search engines to help rank your website. Meta data isn't as important as it use to be, and Google has admitted it doesn't use it for increasing page ranking any more, however we feel it’s important to make sure your meta data is accurate, as using incorrect meta tags may still cause you ranking problems as Google may take it as an indicator that you're trying to trick them if you use non relevant keywords.

Meta tags are a number of relevant keywords separated by commas.

Meta descriptions describe the page content, a bit like a small introduction. Meta descriptions don't want to be too long, but long enough to fit on a Google search result is advisable. Google uses upto 2 lines under the main listing to show the description.

Also bear in mind that the meta description is still used by Google on its search result listings, and it will use this if it can't find any appropriate text on your website that is relevant to the users search query.

The title and meta data for a product is based on a number of pre-generated values taken from your product. This helps speed up the process of adding products, as well as using terms that are relevant to your product. You can see how the meta data appears for a product below:-

How do I Edit Category Meta Data?

  1. From the home screen, navigate to Catalog » Categories
  2. Next, select a category you wish to update meta data for
  3. Click on the Meta Details tab
  4. Edit the meta data taking into consideration what we have discussed above.

How do I Edit the Home Page Meta Data?

  1. From the home screen, navigate to Templates on the left menu panel
  2. Next, select the settings tab.
  3. Under Home Page Meta Tags & Google Verification, you will be able to edit your home page meta details

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