Setting up Google Analytics


Instantcart uses Google Analytics for tracking visitors rather than using its own tracking software. We use Google Analytics because it offers some amazing features for tracking usage statistics that we could never offer.

Step 1. Log into your Instantcart account

Point your browser to your Instantcart account Instantcart account to login.

Step 2. Click on the My Services Icon

Once you have successfully logged in, click on the “My Services” option.

You will see a list of Instantcart packages, such as shops, domain names and hosting. Browse to the account you wish to setup.

Step 3. Click on Admin Store

To goto your new store's control panel, click on the “admin store” button. A new window will load up asking you for your login details. These should be the same as the login details you have just used or the ones you used when you signed up. For all other options, and for parking a domain name, click on the account name or “more” button.

Step 4. Login to Your store

Enter your login details. These should be the same as the login details you have just used or the ones you used when you signed up.

Step 5. Navigate to Template >> Settings

Click on the Template option from the left menu, and then click on the settings tab. Scroll down the page to where it says “Home Page Meta Tags & Google Verficiation” and look for “Google Analytics Account No”.

In this Box you can add your Google Analytics Account number. Your account number will begin with a UA and can be found in your Google Anayltics Account listed under the accounts list as shown below.

Signing up for Google Analytics Account

If you haven't already got a Google Analytics Account, you can sign up for one at the follow address.

You'll need a Google Account to sign up for Analytics. This also allows you to setup other useful Google services such as Webmaster Tools and Google shopping.

Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking

Insantcart supports Google Analytics Ecommerce reports as standard. If you currently cannot see ecommerce sales data appearing in your Google Analytics account, please follow these steps from step 1.

Enable Ecommerce Tracking

  1. Click the Admin tab at the top right of any screen in Analytics. If you are not already on the Account Administration screen, click the All Accounts link at top left, just below the menu bar.
  2. Click the name of the account and then the name of the property that has the profile you want to enable Ecommerce Tracking for. If you have a lot of accounts or properties, use the drop down search box in the top left of the menu bar and type to search.
  3. Use the Profile drop down menu to select the profile you want.
  4. Click the Profile Settings tab.
  5. Under the E-Commerce Settings section, select Yes, an E-Commerce Site/App.
  6. Click Apply.

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