Managing your domain name


We have built our own custom control panel for managing domain names. Changes are instant, however it may take a few hours for your changes to update across the internet. To access your domain name management tools, simply log into your online account here and select the Webservices option from the account menu.

Web forwarding

Use our webforwarding to point your new domain name to another website. You can choose to use non-framed webforwarding or framed webforwarding to any domain name. We advise not to use framed web forwarding if you can help it as it can cause search engines such as Google add duplicate entries into its search results for your forwarded domain name. Non-framed web forwarding is far safer for re-directing a domain name.

DNS Management

We provide our very own DNS hosting with every domain name we sell! Use our inhouse DNS editor to manage A records, CNAME entries and MX entries for your domain name. You can edit all the main DNS properties for your domain name. Once you have made a change to a record, a tick box will appear next to the record. Click this to update your newly changed record. To add a new entry, use the Add a new DNS entry fields selecting the record type you wish to add. Please note that changes to your DNS settings can take a few ours to update across the internet, however our Time to Live TTL is set to 1 hour. Please update with caution as in correct changes can interupt your websites uptime.


Your control panel grants you full access to amend nameservers assuming your domain name is unlocked. Please note nameservers can take over 48hours to update across the internet. If you are using a website package from Instantcart, please be aware that changing these settings can break your website. Please update with caution as in correct changes can interupt your websites uptime.

Email forwarding

We are currently working to bring you email forwarding.

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